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The curiosity of the Japanese leads them to have an extraordinary ability to listen and understanding. Keisuke Kuroda was in Italy in the late '80s, he was trained under Giorgio Pinchiorri in Florence

Napoli Sta Ca’

Before making pizza, Peppe Erricchielo enjoyed throwing hankies in the air. In Tokyo he worked as dishwasher, pizza chef and finally opened his own place in 2011 in Kamiyacho, in the shadow of the To

Heinz Beck

Heinz Beck’s Japanese location is humming at full speed. The credit goes to a well-honed team headed by young, talented Giuseppe Molaro. From Campania, he has found his place in the sensibility and

Riva degli Etruschi

Tokyo can easily surprises you. There's always a small city into a city. That's what we were thinking when we reached this elegant restaurant and enoteca in the relaxed atmosphere of Omotesando distri

Vino della Pace

The name of this trattoria in the neighborhood that never sleeps in Tokyo - Roppongi - takes us to Friuli, and straight to a wine label. The two acres of the Cormòns Vigna del mondo grows more than 5

Bar & Enoteca Implicito

This is our favorite Italian wine bar in Tokyo. The entrance is like that of a classic wine bar, but inside, meticulous Japanese attention to detail and research in the selection of the Italian wines
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